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Editor: Jax Stafford

Lady Outlaws


Four Lady Outlaws try to decide what to do with their hostage in this short, darkly comical crime caper.

Javelina Run BTS

Javelina Run: Behind the Scenes

My friend Lisa Belcher is the talented filmmaker behind 2018’s award-winning short film Guest of Honor. In 2019, she put a team together to shoot a western comedy called Javelina Run. Spoiler alert: it’s awesome!

Copper Root

Americana Style: Copper Root

Copper Root is a super-group of super-talented home-grown musicians who once haunted the Denton square with their unique blend of bluegrass, country-folk and rockabilly. Legend has it, on dark nights you can still hear their four-part harmonies on the wind if you’ve had enough to drink.


Out of the House with Gary Lindsey

Here’s an interesting experiment: legendary Austin punk rocker Gary Lindsey interviews Cunto! for a game of Bucket Wars and some redneck punk philosophy.

Signatures Presents


A new video series on YouTube explores the legendary Austin music scene from the inside out.