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She’s a Good Girl (2021)

Our latest award-winning 48 Hour film just goes to show that you can write, produce, shoot, edit and deliver a movie in 48 hours, and if you get the right group of people together, you can make something really magical.

close up photo of lion

The Brave Little Browser

With big tech in the public crosshairs over privacy and security, I’ve decided to try out some Chrome alternatives. And far and away, my favorite one is “Brave.”

equipment maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

I woke up in a cold sweat a few nights ago, suddenly motivated to action. “Go back to bed,” I told my startled wife. “I just need to plug in my camera batteries.”

The Optimist

The Optimist: Website Update

Earlier this year, I gave this website a big face lift in anticipation of the coming year. Little did I know that the coming year would be 2020 and that video production jobs would come to a crashing halt for months on end. Well, at least now I’ve had some time to work on my reel.

Javelina Run BTS

Javelina Run: Behind the Scenes

My friend Lisa Belcher is the talented filmmaker behind 2018’s award-winning short film Guest of Honor. In 2019, she put a team together to shoot a western comedy called Javelina Run. Spoiler alert: it’s awesome!