The Optimist: Website Update

Earlier this year, I gave this website a big face lift in anticipation of the coming year. Little did I know that the coming year would be 2020 and that video production jobs would come to a crashing halt for months on end. Well, at least now I’ve had some time to work on my reel.

I’m an optimist. I feel like if you look hard enough, you can find some kind of opportunity in every situation, no matter far into the toilet it’s gone.

For example, COVID-19 has killed more than two hundred thousand people in the United States — nearly seventeen thousand in Texas alone. This horrifying number of dead notwithstanding; it’s also given me a lot of extra time for writing, swimming and learning how to play the cajone. I’ve written a couple screenplays, I’ve grown a couple beards, I’ve learned a couple Led Zeppelin songs. So, it’s not all bad, that’s all I’m saying.

(It’s still pretty bad, though.)

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