My friend Mark Vittek directed our team’s entry for Austin’s 2015 48 Hour filmmaking competition, and I was lucky enough to participate.

I love doing these 48 Hour film competitions and heartily recommend them to anybody who has the time.  They’re like mini filmmaking bootcamps, where beginners can dip their toes in alongside seasoned professionals who want to keep sharp between paying gigs.  And, our team this year was phenomenal.

On Friday, after drawing straws, we were given the genre “Cop/Detective.”  Our prop was “Medicine” and we were told the film had to include a character who is a locksmith named “Walter Buckley” (or “Wendy”). Finally, somebody had to say this magical, random line of dialogue:  “Where did you put it?”

This is the completed film, turned in on Sunday evening.  It’s a pretty finely crafted piece of work.  Everybody brought their A-game;  from the writers to the actors to the props department, nobody left anything off the table.  Great job, team!

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