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Copper Root

Americana Style: Copper Root

Copper Root is a super-group of super-talented home-grown musicians who once haunted the Denton square with their unique blend of bluegrass, country-folk and rockabilly. Legend has it, on dark nights you can still hear their four-part harmonies on the wind if you’ve had enough to drink.

Nickel Slick

What does ‘Nickel Slick’ mean?

In hip hop, ‘Nickel Slick’ is someone who looks slick, but who is made of cheap material on the inside. Not a good look for a human, but in video production, looking expensive while remaining affordable is exactly what we do.


Out of the House with Gary Lindsey

Here’s an interesting experiment: legendary Austin punk rocker Gary Lindsey interviews Cunto! for a game of Bucket Wars and some redneck punk philosophy.



For this year’s 48 hour film competition in San Antonio, rival teams will do anything to win!

Becoming Lisa (2017)


A dark comedy that explores alternate power dynamics between women and men. Directed by Mike Gonzalez.

Motivational Training with Josh


Filmmaker and voice over talent Josh Welborn can motivate you to get off your butt and seize the day with this beautiful, meditative motivational speech.

Wizard Hats at SXSW?

What’s with the Wizard Hats at SXSW 2016?

At South By Southwest this year, I shot this for a company that sends people out to wait in line for you. So, if you saw these guys on the streets of Austin this year, that’s what they were up to.