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Documentary & Reality

Javelina Run BTS

Javelina Run: Behind the Scenes

My friend Lisa Belcher is the talented filmmaker behind 2018’s award-winning short film Guest of Honor. In 2019, she put a team together to shoot a western comedy called Javelina Run. Spoiler alert: it’s awesome!

Copper Root

Americana Style: Copper Root

Copper Root is a super-group of super-talented home-grown musicians who once haunted the Denton square with their unique blend of bluegrass, country-folk and rockabilly. Legend has it, on dark nights you can still hear their four-part harmonies on the wind if you’ve had enough to drink.

swel rna


Robert Nathan Allen is a good speaker and laughter comes easily to him. This is fortunate, because he has a tough message: he wants us to eat bugs.


The East Austin Urban Farm Tour

In Texas, we eat less locally sourced food than any other state in the country. We wanted to know why, so we went out and asked some local farmers and their customers.